We are interested in companies that are open to new interactions with loyal target audiences: families with children under 7 years of age. It is possible to create new product lines, brand collaboration, joint events and other mutually beneficial projects.

In case you are interested in the subject matter, we suggest you to send an application on the topic of partnership for further discussion of marketing opportunities.

Main advantages of partnership:

⦁ A successful start and a rich project perspective — the schedule for further production of the series and additional content is already scheduled for 2022
⦁ Broad media coverage: more than 120 million views on media platforms in January-May 2019
⦁ Savings on marketing costs thanks to expanded audience coverage and new product lines for released animated series content
⦁ Working with a safe brand and characters trusted by children and their parents
⦁ Product diversity due to the ideology and features of the animated series
⦁ Planned distribution to international markets (Europe, China, USA, Lat.America, Wednesday, East and North Africa).
⦁ Licensing and branding potential due to advantageous adjustment from cartoon competitors.


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Characters for licensing